Avenacy is focused on supplying critical medications used to treat patients in various medically supervised settings, from acute care hospitals to outpatient clinics and physician offices.

Through a rigorous and optimized selection process, we are building out a pipeline of high-quality FDA-approved products to ensure a resilient portfolio that can meet the needs of today’s dynamic drug supply chain.


Quality is the cornerstone of our business. We hold our diverse global network of development and manufacturing partners to the highest industry standards through rigorous inspection and monitoring.

With each partnership, we bring our deep breadth of experience in quality assurance and regulatory affairs to support FDA engagement and ensure that the highest standard of quality is applied throughout the manufacturing process.


Partnerships and relationships are not just a part of our business; they are at the very center of everything we do. We understand that collaboration and trust are the keys to quality, reliability, and innovation.

We value the relationships we have built over the years with our development and manufacturing partners, as well as healthcare providers across the nation. As our healthcare provider partners represent a wide variety of specialty and medical departments, we are committed to delivering them safe and effective products that can support better outcomes for patients. Together with our partners, we forge a path toward a healthier future.


We recognize that healthcare is a holistic endeavor, and we’re here to support healthcare providers every step of the way. Our product offerings are designed to enhance safety, streamline efficiency, and, most importantly, improve patient care.

Avenacy is committed to providing safety measures you can see. Our proprietary, differentiated, and highly visible label designs were developed to assist pharmacists with accurate medication selection—because there is no greater priority than patient safety. Every one of our products features our unique packaging and labeling to help reduce administration errors and improper doses.